A refund or credit on software and digital content provided by Klaas Nienhuis is generally not granted. For most software there's a demo or trial version available. If you're unsure the software is compatible with your system and software, use the trials and demos. There's usually ample documentation available to orient yourself. If you're still unsure you can create a ticket on the helpdesk about this.

Any request for refunds will be assessed individually considering the digital nature of the product and the type of preview, demo, trial or documentation that was available prior to purchase. Generally speaking in the following situations there's no obligation to offer a refund:

  • the product is not compatible with your hardware or software
  • you didn't mean to actually buy the product
  • your level of experience doesn't match the complexity of the product (it's too difficult for you)

Also keep in mind that the products sold here might be priced in one currency (€ for instance) while you pay with another currency. Currency conversion fees, banking fees and such are not included in the listed price.