This is a walkthrough of the entire script. It shows you how to extract timeliner data from your Navisworks file and how to apply that simulation on a 3d model in 3ds Max. Find the corresponding documentation here.


The general workflow is as follows:

  1. Create timeliner task data from a Navisworks file or pick one you’ve created previously

  2. Link or import (3ds Max 2015 ext2 and up) the Revit file in the 3ds Max scene. It should be the same Revit file which also has been used in Navisworks.

  3. Press the “Apply Timeliner Simulation...” button

Typically the simulation process takes a few seconds up to several minutes. This depends on the amount of steps (tasks) these are in the simulation. Large Revit files are also very heavy to deal with for 3ds Max in general. The Timeliner task data is stored in an external file. You can use this file as many times as you want.

Take these steps to import the Navisworks simulation into 3ds Max

A small summary indicates a task data file has been loaded