What restrictions are there while using Maproom? Maproom can be used for free or it can be used with a product key. Both versions are subject to some restrictions.


Maproom is free to use. The free version is, well, free. The pro version needs a productkey to function. You can get a productkey on www.klaasnienhuis.nl/shop.

Map size

Maps based on terrain heights and satellite imagery are limited in size. This has several reasons. First of all, limiting the map size protects you from inadvertently downloading thousands of map images and crashing your system. This happens if you want to map big areas with too much detail. The map size limits are different for the free version. The free version can make smaller maps than the pro version. I have to be candid here, the free version has the function to entice you to buy the pro version. It will never be as powerful as the pro version.

Map types

Maproom can use all sorts of data sources to build maps. I'll introduce new datasources along the way. The free version contains less datasources than the pro version

Maproom license

Terms and conditions for the Maproom script itself can be found here.

Map data license

The map data is bound by licenses and restrictions. And to make it more complicated, each map data provider uses their own conditions. You'll have to adhere to these. Usually this means you have to attribute the content owner. Check out the documentation to see what that looks like. Some providers, like Bing and Mapbox require you to make an account with them. Using the maps is usually free as long as you use a reasonable amount of map data.

Keep in mind the Maproom script only gives you access to the map data. Maproom in no way owns these data sources. Content provided through the Maproom script is copyrighted by the respective owner. Check out the copyright, license and attribution conditions for each of these sources. The creator of this script does not claim ownership and can’t provide a license for this content.